Address: Laksala Building, 7 Philip Gunawardena Mawatha, Colombo 7
Telephone: 0112 580 579
Hours: 8AM-9PM

Barista was one of the first international coffeehouses to open its doors in Sri Lanka, setting the trend for Colombo’s coffee culture, over 12 years ago. Since then, its Laksala outlet has become a ‘go to’ place for a soothing coffee fix.

This is a great place for relaxing and chilling out as the soft, peppy music complements the aroma of coffee, sandwiches and bites.

The menu isn’t extensive; but Barista is a cafe after all, so that sits well with the relaxed atmosphere. Its signature beverage has been the cappuccino for as long as one remembers but the chocolate shake is a favourite too.

And its breakfast menu has many takers, while the paninis and chicken lasagne are also popular.

As with all Barista outlets, you can be sure of finding lounge seating, a guitar as well as a couple of board games, all of which are put to good use by groups of young souls.

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