Address: Arcade Independence Square, Colombo 7
Telephone: 0112 662 522
Web: https://www.dilmaht-lounge.com/sri-lanka/
Hours: 8AM-11PM

A brightly lit chill out, colourfully painted teapots that decorate the shelves and the tables create a unique theme at Dilmah t-Lounge. On the counters are cups of a variety of Dilmah teas and infusions, ready for sampling all day long. A glass case even carries a box of the coveted Seasonal Flush blend.

Food is reasonably priced here and the bestsellers include spicy chicken crêpes and waffles, chocolate waffles, chocolate ganache and carrot cake. The Prince of Kandy iced tea and lemonade are big hits too.Teas are served in style in special glasses that specify the tea you are about to drink, and brewed in front of you in infusion pots.

Even the mugs are colour coded (for example, the blue mugs are for strong black teas). Signature teas such as the Silver Tips are served with an hourglass, so you know for how long your tea needs to brew.

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