If you’re looking for the perfect ‘surf and chill’ destination, look no further – Hiriketiya bay is the place to be!

Not known to many, this paradise beach is a horseshoe shaped cove situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. There’s something so magical about this beautiful place with its crystal clear blue waters and stretch of palm trees.

The bay is wind protected due to the hills surrounding it. And you can catch some great waves pretty much all year round.

Swimming and surfing conditions are safe throughout the year. There is a left reef break close to the coastline and a sandy beach break in the middle that both beginner and intermediate surfers enjoy. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot sea turtles swimming beneath you as you take on the waves. Hiriketiya offers surf lessons for all levels and boasts experienced instructors who are on guard throughout the day.

If you’re not much of a surfer, the beach is also dotted with a good number of cafes from which you can enjoy the calm and beautiful view, and watch surfers in action. The popular Dots Bay House conducts yoga classes twice a day and usually hosts live music sessions in the evenings.

There are a handful of mid to high end hotels and guesthouses, all at a walking distance from the beach, if you’re looking to stay a couple of days. Hiriketiya’s amazing vibes and slow pace of life make it the perfect getaway. Be warned though – you may never want to leave this paradise destination!

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