The Pearl

Welcome to the sunny isle of Sri Lanka! Basking in the Indian Ocean, this paradise island plays host to a plethora of wildlife, tropical flora and exotic locations – and its smiling people beckon travellers from far and wide (and at home too) to come... and discover or rediscover serendipity.

Soaring highlands, sun kissed beaches and deep blue seas are perfectly juxtaposed. Warm, balmy afternoons and cool hillside evenings make Sri Lanka perfect for idyll seekers of all nationalities.

While 2022 is the year of booster vaccines and renewed passports, it’s also one to reclaim lost holidays and adventures. What better place to visit – or re-explore – than the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’?

Discover Sri Lanka (DSL) is your guide to this jewel of an island’s well-preserved secrets as well as its better-known attractions.

Witness its roaring waterfalls and taste mouth-watering delicacies prepared with relish using the tropics’ coveted spices. Visit lands roamed by the world’s favourite giants – those majestic elephants! – and deep dive with the sea’s oldest turtles, while watching whales and dolphins frolicking in azure waters.

Nature apart, history and culture enthusiasts can purchase some of the finest handicrafts as souvenirs or gifts, for friends and family back home. The laksha industry is one of the oldest traditional handicrafts in Sri Lanka; it’s been hailed by scholars and art aficionados who arrived in the island as far back as the 18th century.

Planning to visit or tour Sri Lanka and want to know how to make the best of your holiday?

Check out DSL’s itinerary and explore the best this island has to offer – in a short span of seven days! Be sure to bucket list at least one of its 10 most noteworthy spots!

Whether your visit is only for a few days or lasts longer, Sri Lanka will capture your heart and have you wanting to rediscover… because there’s always a secret awaiting you here. That’s a promise!

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